About Us

We at Emphris Cleaning Services take great pride in offering premium cleaning services while utilizing the best cleaning supplies and products. Since 2013, our family-run business has offered outstanding service to both residential and commercial clients. We are fully insured for your satisfaction and peace of mind. Emphris Cleaning Servicer’s reputation, expertise, training, and commitment to quality cleaning are just a few of the reasons to choose us. We also offer  satisfaction guaranteed. Request a quote from us right away.

In 2008, the founder of Emphris Cleaning Services sat behind a desk, even though she wasn’t working for herself at the time, she was doing what she loved, which was assisting people in difficult situations. The satisfaction of hearing customers on the other end of the phone after dispatching a locksmith to a customer who had been locked out of their home or vehicle made the eight to ten-hour shift worthwhile.

Her desire to help others grew, and if she continued to listen to the little voice in her head, she would be on the right track. So she did. She quit her office job in 2013 to try her hand at something other than the keyboard. She wanted to start a service that would allow parents to spend more time with their children. After all, being with our loved ones is the most precious gift we can give. Many people expressed their appreciation for coming home to a clean house over time. She was ecstatic and vowed to assist her customers in any way she could. This was something she was good at, a steppingstone, and she knew she could take on the masses with a dedicated team.

What Make Us Different

Emphris Cleaning Services provides clients with a regular cleaning schedule that ensures your property is thoroughly cleaned every time and on time. Customers rely on us for dependable results because of our systematic approach.
Only the highest qualities are used. Our skilled Specialists meet or exceed on every job, focusing on the details that concern most to our clients.
Our specialist is professionally trained, well-mannered and experienced in cleaning spaces, whether it is a move in/move out cleaning, a special cleaning after a party, or just regular cleaning to keep your work area clean and tidy so you can have a pleasant day at work. Please do not hesitate to contact us; regardless of the nature of your requirements, we will make every effort to meet them on time.

Checklist for Cleaning

We create a checklist and organize a program to address your daily or specialty goals after meeting with you to identify all of your needs. We are in charge of offering the most competitive prices.

We Use Face Mask & Disinfectant to help in the ongoing fight of the Corona Virus

Professional Description of Our Referral Cleaners

Consult the Experts

When it comes to home maintenance, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your home and your sanctuary, and you should protect and care for it in any way you can.